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I. Go East Young Man ~ Listen my son After many long years of being gone Your brother John's Been found in the hands of his captors Your time has come And you are the only able one To get this done To find the one's that we're after Do you recall It was 27 years ago In early Fall Your father fell to the sword of our foe And these same men Are the ones who took your closest kin Now venture East So John can start his life again Along the way your heart will be strong

II. Woven Saddle ~ Down in the valley I take my leave I bid farewell to the only place I've lived A golden blanket of fallen leaves Clears my mind of all the things I did A loaf of bread, my trusted steed A woven saddle mother made for me The months ahead will bring their share Of troubled times Weeks gone by; rations have run dry A groaning in the bottom of my Belly cries out for Something which I have no more In my famished time I spot a lamplight Stumble upon a path Of friendly folk at last

III. The Cobbler ~ A ragged old man reached out his hand Brought me inside of his traveling caravan His face was rough, his hands were tough but I could see in his eyes he was a gentleman I could trust His pants were worn and his sweater all torn Out on the road with his trusty old labrador He offered me stew and his finest homebrew My hunger was plenty and words were but few Asked where was I going and where was I from My travels will lead me to the land of the rising sun The look on his face was a look of surprise Lit up with excitement, and the depths of his eyes Showed his path was the same, he knew it by name "If we travel together, we'll be safer" he claimed I fully agreed, as did my steed A much needed rest after many hard weeks Hopeless with lack of a plan Rescued in this foreign land Hopeful that we'll find a way The East will find us some day I asked him his name, he politely declined Said "I was a cobbler in a previous life" But the industry changed and the need for my trade Was thrown out the window like a dusty old paperweight I packed up my things and walked out the door With a satchel of maps and my trusty old labrador I wasn't too long on the road to the East When I stumbled upon you and your handsome young steed

IV. Mountain Meadows ~ *In which the young man and his Cobbler travel through mountain meadows on the road to the East*

V. Deadman's Pass ~ I awoke to the sound of rain In the foothills of mountains we'd reached at last The fog parted and revealed a view Of the daunting snow-capped Deadman's Pass I packed my things and said goodbye to my steed From this point on we'll use only our feet As determined as two travelers could be Will this mountain bring us success or defeat Ascent is slow in the knee-deep trail of snow Wind at our backs and our eyes pierced by cold Mother's words speak clearly in my mind May they give me the strength for the climb Through the storm we catch sight of the peak The summit will soon be within our reach

VI. Pursuit through Grouse Canyon ~ *In which the young man and the Cobbler are chased through Grouse Canyon by foes*

VII. Seven Arrows ~ I saw the seven arrows flying by I saw Heaven's angels up on high With their wings outstretched to fill the sky Right before my eyes I watched the arrows strike his side Delivering him from this world into the afterlife Never thought I'd live to see the day When a friend of mine so close was taken so far away I suppose that death is part of life and the fact is life goes on Even when those dear to you are now forever gone Lay his body down to rest under the Bracken fern You were like a father taught me everything I've learned As I lay upon the earth in the darkness of the night A bed of moss beneath, I cast my gaze onto the sky Never thought I'd live to see the day When a friend of mine so close was taken so far away

VIII. Within the Fog ~ *In which the young man awakens in a morning fog, for the first time without the Cobbler, feeling despair*

IX. The Alder Grove ~ The wind blows meadow grasses to and fro The Thrush's song surrounds a fawning doe Drops of dew fast clinging to my feet Thinking of the one's I've met and those I'll meet The long road traveled, longer still ahead Longing for a place to rest my weary head Stumble upon a hidden waterhole A place to think and cleanse my soul I take a rest under the Alder Grove The only place I have to call my home A comfort to my worn and weary bones Until I venture back to the unknown

X. Old Man's Beard ~ Forlorn and lonely Dawn to dusk Down to dust The sun sets on my day Wilds beyond my reach Where we never go Silently

XI. Two Sun Mountain ~ At the base of Two Sun Mountain I faced my brother's captors down A brilliant stillness in the air Not a hint of fear around I drew my sword and held it high Hope the good Lord shines on me this night At the base of Two Sun Mountain I struck my brother's captors down Never thought this day would come The day I would see my brother John So follow me, we must go And ford this wild river home *The young man is tragically swept away in the icy river in this passage* Listen my son 27 years of being gone And now you're home And my heart should feel at peace again The icy cold Of the river pulled your brother in And now he's gone And you'll remain my only son